Postpartum Doula Services

Women need to enter motherhood feeling completely supported whether it’s the first time or not. Many cultures know this and make sure that women are allowed time to recover, to learn about their babies while being fed essential healing foods. Unfortunately so many women in our society don’t get this support. I am passionate about supporting women on their motherhood journey and throughout the early postpartum time as I feel it sets up so much of early parenting.

Postpartum Day Support

Supporting new moms and newborn babies sets a foundation for the whole family to thrive. These services tend to include things like: cooking, gentle cleaning, laundry, newborn care, breastfeeding support, listening to Mom, making tea and snacks…

Services begin at $25/hr with a 3 hour minimum

Postpartum Night Support

Most babies need to eat regularly throughout the night and this can be so difficult on new families. Postpartum night support can look different for each family but the main goal is always the same – to help the new mom and the whole family to get some much needed sleep. I have many years of experience taking care of babies at night.

Services begin at $40/hr with an 8 hour minimum